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Vintage Boy Scout Pins

This vintage boy scout ribbon and pins from Sweet Love Vintage might be a fun little details for you boy’s room!


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Ashley Ann Photography

Ashley Ann Photography is one of my FAVORITE blogs to visit. Ashley is a great photographer, she has super cute kids, and she’s absurdly creative. Mix that all together and you’ve got an irresistible blog. I begged her to let me share her kid’s rooms with you and I feel so lucky that she’s obliged. Her taste and creative talent is unreal, so be sure to check her blog and her post about the boy’s room to get more info and description. And of course, you must become a fan of her blog! Her daughter’s room is coming up soon, so be on the look out for that as well!


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Odds and Ends

Here are a few rooms that I’m loving…



Lovely Clusters

Hello Lucky

Anne Sage


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Me and Wee

I love this darling nursery that was designed and feature by the blogger behind Me and Wee. Every little detail just adds to the serenity and whimsy of the room. I LOVE the wall color and can’t get enough of the bright yellow bedding and that bright yellow chair in the corner!


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Caitlin Wilson Design: Olivia’s Abode

Designer Caitlin Wilson recently shared her daughter’s room on her blog, Style Files. I was so completely blown over by the absolute perfection of Olivia’s little room, that I felt it necessary, and rather urgent, that you see this loveliness immediately. Please enjoy!

Oh…and Caitlin has gone to the trouble of listing all of the resources for everything in the room. Check them all out here!


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I think that sometimes, it’s important to remember what it was like to be a kid. How great would it have been if your parents had indulged your desire for a little home within the home? We all built forts, created a room in the closet, or found a tiny quiet secret place to claim as our own. Well, what better than a tepee? If it looks good, dealing with a longstanding fort wouldn’t be so bad.


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I’m very much into this rich royal hot pink lately. Saw this baby room here from Domino Magazine (RIP) and I HAD to share.


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