Showered: Meg and Ella

This baby shower for photographer Meg Fish and her baby, Ella, is perfectly detailed and just about the sweetest little baby shower you’ll ever want to see. The shower itself was thrown by photographer Christy Schuler, who incidentally took these images as well! What an incredibly talented gal! I am really really adoring that chicken wire cake dome…I think it’s a must have! Speaking of cake…the cake and cupcakes are by the ever talented Enjoy Cupcakes, who I’m thinking I MUST come up and visit this summer.

I hope you enjoy!



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7 responses to “Showered: Meg and Ella

  1. SO sweet!!! totally digging the chicken wire too 🙂

  2. that cake is all kinds of amazing! so beautiful. love enjoy cupcakes and amber!


  3. I love the adorable nests for a baby shower and just the overall garden setting… it’s super sweet! Do you have any idea where she got the chicken wire cake dome? Does it come with that cake plate?

  4. I had a lovely baby shower… but it was raining that day. I want to do it again all over like this! It’s like a great Gatsby wedding shower.

  5. This looks so simple, elegant and stunning. I LOVE it!

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