Olivia the Owl

This session by Wildflowers Photography takes newborn photography to a totally new height. The owl concept runs throughout the images, but I so love her dad’s tattoo of an owl! And Miss Olivia? In the forest? I die.



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8 responses to “Olivia the Owl

  1. awesome! what a cool couple and gorgeous baby! and o course, great photog as well!

  2. Oh wow.
    What GORGEOUS images!!!

  3. thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂 so honored to have sweet olivia make an appearance here!!

  4. Andrea Ellis

    Joy is AMAZING! I have never seen babies look so beautiful as they are when seen through Joy’s lens.

    I can’t wait to buy some of her prints when they go up for sale on PurePhoto Collections! If you haven’t seen this yet, check out http://www.purephoto.com or http://www.purephotocollections.com. Joy is putting her personal work (non-client stuff) up for sale. Her images will look great in my home!

  5. It is so so tender…. I love it

  6. oh my goodness, so sweet. i just love the image of the 3 of them at the window. beautiful.

  7. These shots are amazing. This is my first time seeing their work. I can now say I’m a HUGE fan. So many wonderful shots. I think the baby on the tree is my all time favorite baby photo….WOW! I sell unique kids tree houses and I bet they could take some stunning kids photos on them. Thanks for posting.

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