Vintage Toy Round-Up

Etsy always ends up being the perfect resource for vintage toys and games. When you are decorating your little ones’ rooms, I always think that a few worn pieces or elements add to the character and charm of a space. If you don’t have your own vintage heirlooms to pull from, here are a few that I love…

By the way, does anyone remember those spirographs? I have a vague recollection and I’m really feeling the urge to make that set mine!

Left to right, top to bottom: 1.Vintage 1960’s Kenner Spirograph Classic Drawing Kit from Sweet Love Vintage 2. Vintage 1957 Kay Bojesen Rabbit from The Sunday Times Market 3. Antique Red, White, and Blue Bowling Pins from The Sunday Times Market 4. Ollie Vintage Wooden Skateboard from Red Eye Vintage 5. Vintage Whitman Animal Rummy from Hip Vintage Market 6. Vintage Pick Up Stix from Sweet Love Vintage 7. Vintage Brass Duck from Vintage Modern 8. Vintage Orange Gas Station Price Sign from The Sunday Times Market 9. Antique Croquet Balls from Every Eskimo



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5 responses to “Vintage Toy Round-Up

  1. I love vintage toys! I have already started collecting some for our future children (we arent pregnant….yet!) I put them in my “baby hope chest”. Vintage toys are also a GREAT thing to use in photos because they photograph so much better than all the big plastic toys we have today.

  2. Grey

    Baby Hope Chest! What a great idea, Joy! I may need to secretly start one of those, too!

  3. Oh I’m so glad ashley ann linked over here so I could discover your inspiring blog. This vintage toy collection you’ve put together is beautiful–I love them all, especially those croquet balls. Delightful ~

  4. Grey

    Yay! Thank you Tiffany for stopping by! I hope you keep coming back!

  5. Excellent finds! Thanks!

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