I’m so sorry for my absence last week. Bryan’s family lost his grandfather, and we spent the week with his family. You can read more about my thoughts here, but for now, let me say that last week reminded me often of the circular nature of our lives. We are here for but a short time, and each moment is to be cherished. As we age, new life makes it’s way into our world, and what a joy it is to experience!

There is nothing better than having little ones around to watch and enjoy. They bear the hopeful reminder of life’s possibilities. Here are a few finds for the little ones in your life! Remember when toys were pretty much the BEST thing in the entire world? Here are a few finds that are most certainly putting a bright outlook on my day.

{Left} Red Velvet Art.  {Right} Top: RuRu Style. Middle: Lena and Lovely. Bottom: The Cookie Jar


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