Pregnant: Jill and Kenny

Amelia Lyon is one of my absolute FAVORITE photographers, and her work always makes the rounds in the wedding blogosphere. Of course it goes without saying that when she shoots any other type of subject, it’s going to be just as perfect. Her shoot with Jill and Kenny is so fantastic, I know you are going to love it! Jill and Kenny are expecting their little one very soon (that is if he or she isn’t already here by the time this is posted!). Congratulations to this very stylish couple! I’m sure your tot will totally hip, just like mom and dad!



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8 responses to “Pregnant: Jill and Kenny

  1. I saw these photos on her website and fell in love with them! so glad you posted them here as well. This makes me excited about getting pregnant. Oh the pictures I will take 🙂

  2. Wow – really unique style

  3. This is seriously to die for! You know how much I love it:)

  4. I love that you liked these! Amelia is wonderful…btw, the “tot” is here! Miss Lola Dee came April 22nd – a day early much to the surprise of her rather underprepared parents!

    Oh – we LOVE your site, too!

  5. Grey

    Oh yay!! Congratulations!!! And LOLA?? I ADORE that name!!!

  6. These are amazing! She is so talented.

  7. This is seriously an amazing shoot.. really really love all the pics.. probably my favorite I have ever seen!!

  8. Grey

    Oh my gosh! I totally know. It’s the combination of a super stylish couple, combined with a great setting and a crazy rad photographer!

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